Volunteers Score Big With Us

Feels Good. Is Good.

We need help, volunteers. Our trips to the park vary from 5 to 25 veterans and, depending on the veterans, require logistics, mobility, picking up their food, and just spending time socializing and participating in friendly baseball rivalry talk.

We also may need a licensed driver for a small bus-type van, event coordinators, and someone to learn about us to spread the word to local veteran clubs, organizations, etc. So, whatever you like to do, wherever you live, give us a call or complete the form, we want to hear from you! Thank you.

Trip Assistance | Driver | Veteran Groups | Social Media | Event Coordinator

“Volunteering with Vetbaseball.org is a give and take effort. As a volunteer myself, I can tell you whatever you give is returned many times. Veterans of all ages appreciate what we do, and do not hesitate to let us know. Yes, it is true the more elderly ones, many living nursing homes and assisted living, rarely get out. Giving them a Vetbaseball.org experience is something words cannot adequately describe. Pushing a wheelchair around the mezzanine at Marlins Park is a stand up triple; the veteran is amazed at the sites, other fans say hello and thank them, and I smile the entire 1/3 of a mile trek.”

-David Routenberg, Member of Advisory Committee

Our Events

It’s not just a ticket, it’s an experience. Help us give back to our veterans and Gold Star families with the Vetbaseball Experience.


We need a licensed driver to transport 5 to 25 veterans to and from the games in a van or small bus.

Trip Assistance

Something as simple as pushing a wheelchair around the mezzanine at Marlins Park is a stand up triple.


Spend time with the veterans and enjoy friendly baseball rivalry talk for healthy socialization.

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer