As a start up, Vetbaseball was busy making plans, writing policies, doing all of the things necessary to move forward.

Then one day David Routenberg, asked, “so when is our first trip?” Good question, no answer

We really didn’t have a clue how actually to get started. But David did.
He has been on the forefront of the Long Term Care profession since 1990. No one knows that field and all of the players, including the folks who run the Veterans Nursing Homes here in Florida.

We posed questions such as how will we transport these elderly veterans back and forth, many are in wheelchairs, are there food restrictions, do they need care giver assistance?David smiled, he knew. Within a few days he had set up our first trip, use of the facility vans, caregiver volunteers to assist…everything we were concerned about was taken care of.

Before we knew it, the first Vetbaseball Experience day was upon us, and the possibilities became reality. David arranged all 7 of our inaugural season trips, attended them all, and played a major role in making our 1st season a great success.

All of us at Vetbaseball are in awe of David, his people skills, the way he meets someone and in one handshake (talk about firm!) a friendship is made.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the first ever Volunteer Recognition Award, is awarded to David J. Routenberg, and for me personally, done so with appreciation and gratitude words alone cannot express.

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