The Vietnam War was one of the most significant conflicts in modern history. The war lasted for over a decade, from 1955 to 1975, and the United States played a major role in the conflict. The US military involvement in Vietnam saw a massive deployment of troops, weapons, and resources to fight the war. In this article, we will examine the statistics of the US military in the Vietnam War and the Vietnam veterans still living today.

The Statistics of the US Military in the Vietnam War
The US military was heavily involved in the Vietnam War, deploying over 2.7 million troops to fight in the conflict. The US military suffered more than 58,000 fatalities, and over 300,000 servicemen were wounded during the war. The war saw massive deployment of troops, with over 500,000 US troops stationed in Vietnam at the peak of the conflict.

The war had a significant impact on the US military, both in terms of casualties and the strain it placed on the country’s resources. The conflict saw a massive increase in the US military budget, with spending reaching an all-time high during the war. The war also had a significant impact on the morale of the US military, with many soldiers suffering from the psychological effects of combat.

  • First U.S. Arrival: 1964
  • Last to leave: 1975
  • Total Number in Military: 9 million
  • Total who went to Vietnam: 2.7 Million
  • Less than 1/3 of active duty
  • 3.4 Million were in nearby countries
  • 1-1.6 Million were in “Combat Areas”
  • 7,484 were females
  • Highest troop strength: 544,000 (1968)
  • Deaths: 58,202
  • Wounded: 303,704
  • MIA: 2338
  • POW’s: 766, 114 died in captivity
  • Still unaccounted for: 1,875


Vietnam Veterans Still Living Today
Today, there are still over 825,000 Vietnam veterans alive in the US, and many of them suffer from a range of health issues related to their service in the conflict. Many Vietnam veterans suffer from PTSD, as well as physical injuries sustained during combat. The US government has provided a range of services and support for Vietnam veterans, including healthcare, disability compensation, and access to education and job training.

Despite the challenges faced by Vietnam veterans, many have gone on to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Vietnam veterans have made significant contributions to society, including in the areas of business, politics, and the arts. Many Vietnam veterans have also been actively involved in advocating for the needs and rights of veterans.

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