About Us

This is what it’s all about. Take a look at what you could be a part of – then do your part. Donate, volunteer your time, or go for a home run and start a chapter.
What We Do –

Our Mission

Is to facilitate a baseball experience for qualified veterans and Gold Star Families. We will arrange for door to door transportation, tickets, snacks, and recognition from the team and fellow fans. More surprises will vary from game to game, assuring a day of maximum enjoyment and memories.

Three Right Over the Heart of the Plate

Flagship Chapter

Our flagship chapter was inaugurated in Miami, with the Miami Marlins. They graciously help us in many ways, assisting us so our idea would come to fruition. Since our first veterans’ trip in 2018, we have hosted more than 1000 veterans to a day at the game, all expenses paid. Other than full-service trips, with their help and that of MLB, we have provided more than 1000 tickets to veterans.

All Volunteer Staff

We are all volunteers, we have no paid staff. We are in need of your support to continue our mission, expand to other cities and towns, and continue to facilitate trips to every veteran and group who requests. If you could see the joy and excitement on the faces of our veteran guests, you would know how fulfilled we feel. With your help we will keep it going and expand to every MLB and MiLB area. Thank you.

Chapter Growth

There are over 300 major and minor league baseball teams and parks in America. That’s over 4,000 games every season. We hope to find interested partners at every MLB and MiLB venue. If you would like to explore starting a local chapter, email us.

A Home Run for Us

Simply put, our goal is to connect with like-minded people around the USA to join our mission in facilitating “Baseball Experiences” in every MLB and MiLB city and town.

Our History

Watching the Marlins versus the Braves from Ft. Bragg on the third of July, 2016, something clicked.

Why not show our gratitude to qualified veterans and Gold Star families by getting them out to a game? Most games have unsold seats, and, building upon that, a year later a board was formed and Vetbaseball was founded.

Advisory Committee - Founding Members

Rabbi Seth Phillips, Allentown, PA
Chaplain, US Navy Ret.

Dustin Alger M.S., CTRS, Boise, ID
Veteran and VA Staff

Richard F. LaMacchia, PhD
Former Major, USAF; Current Civilian Psychologist, US Army

David J. Routenberg
Manager of Facility Relations – Huntingdon Behavioral Health

Founding Board Members

Alan Duretz*, Founder, Chairman

Roy Moncada, Secretary

Frank Tropepe**, Treasurer

Jeremy Lurie, Vice President, Communications

Vladimir Diaz, Vice President, Marketing

Douglas H. Stein, Director of Legal Affairs

* Veteran-US Army Active Reserves 1969-1976
** Veteran-US Marines 2005-2013

We Need Your Help to Deliver a Memorable Game Day Experience